Studies in Pibroch (2)

Lorimer, R L C, “The Metre of ‘Bodice Dhubha nan Sligean’: a Definitive Account,” Scottish Studies 8:1 (1964), 45-79.

A careful, musical “exegesis” of the tune wherein he demonstrates not only the original structure and logic of the tune, but can therefrom postulate a trajectory of growth in the tradition regarding the 18 tunes “under suspicion”, none of which are reported in their “true metrical form”.  As a result, not only has Joseph MacDonald’s “rule of thumb” been vindicated, but it further application may even go on to demonstrate improved insights into so-called “primary” and “secondary” 6:6:4 metres.

Thanks to John Shaw and the School of Celtic & Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

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