Studies in Pibroch – More Urlars

We return now from summer competitions and vacations. A number of projects are in the works, and you will be hearing from more of us in the year ahead. And we will be concentrating our direction on more music, more audio files, more performances, and hope to encourage YOUR contributions, whether in discussion or (preferably) […]

The Pibroch Wiki

We have an exciting announcement. We are releasing our fourth imprimatur: The Pibroch Wiki. It is now available at A wiki is a technology that encourages collaboration: it designed to allow users to edit content, keeping information alive and fresh. Other technologies (web pages, blogs) are designed for one-way static content – you post […]

Reverse Engineering in Pibroch – by Ronald Smith

We have seen great advances in recovering and reclaiming the nearly lost art of the clarsach, and heard Simon Chadwick’s ressurections of its music and explorations into the lost world of the era when harp music and pibroch flourished side by side. ¬†While illuminating and inspiring, much of this remains a specialist activity requiring dedication […]