APC Approach 1: PS 13 – The Rout of Glenfruin

Taking another look at the remarkable Hannay-MacAuslan collection, we now turn to a famous (Set List 2019) tune: PS 013 – The Rout of Glenfruin. You can listen to Bruce Gandy perform it here: Tunes Index The primary sources are not significantly different from one another: As expected, Angus MacKay favors the held-E cadence, whereas […]

“Redundant”-A Taorluath: a Visual and Audible History

While we are on the subject, I’ve been pondering this issues for quite some time, and recently overheard arguments regarding Joseph MacDonald, whose musical notation seems to suggest that the rhythmic component of the modern taorluath and is more in keeping with 18th century practice. Notice how the first four beats of the movement resemble […]

George Moss – the Master Piper from Strathglass Part 3

Taorluaths and the Not-So-Redundant A Some people claim that the debate over the “redundant A” in Pibroch is irrelevant as the difference between the prevalent modern taorluath and the older version is inaudible. This is not the case however. The “full traditional taorluath” is more intricate and, more importantly, preserves the three-beats-to-each-melody-note structure which according […]