Original Piobaireachd Society Series – Volume 2

By the time of the publication of the Volume 2, we see introduced a number of interesting new developments: First, the editors purport  to have drawn from more than the Angus MacKay book.  Dr. Charles Bannatyne (the infamous vandal of the John MacKay MS) made available many of his manuscripts, including Angus MacArthur.  Cpt. Colin […]

Original Piobaireach Society Series – Volume 1

The first volume begins with a declaration of intent by the newly founded Piobaireachd Society: “To revive the study and play of ‘Ceòl-Mór’ and to record its History.” While clearly nationalistic in origin (“To repeat the deeds that made their forefathers pre-eminent among the soldiers of their time, it is only necessary that they should […]

Original Piobaireachd Society – First Series

From 1904-1913, the newly founded Piobaireachd Society published its first series of piobairechd scores.  Called Co-chruinneachadh Piobaireachd: le comunn na piobaireachd (A Collection of Piobaireacd. Selected and edit by The Piobaireachd Society.), the first volume was originally published by Logan & Co. in Inverness.  Later, volumes 2-5 were published by P Henderson in Glasgow. The […]

Glengarry’s March – Bruce Gandy (2015)

For yet another take on this Pibroch, this is Bruce Gandy at the MacDonald Quaich in 2015. It is an essoecially respectful rendition of the tune from a top-seeded competitor, whereby he respected all the distinguishing characteristics of the MacDonald style: streaming cadences, flourishes from high-A, teaorluath gearr, open fosgailte crunluaths, Urlar returns. He did […]