2018 Archie Kenneth Quaich – APC and Lament for Finlay

For your consideration: Lament for Finlay (PS 024). Here are the notes from the judges (as published in Piping Press, a Rab Wallace site): Outstanding amongst this list was David Hester who had come from the USA to play a tune he learned directly from the Campbell Canntaireachd – Finlays’ Lament. This was a powerful […]

PS 172 – Lament for the Sword, or The Aged Warrior’s Sorrow (for not being able to wield his sword as formerly)

Here is another tune from the Hannay-MacAuslan collection. Over the weeks, I will be posting more recordings, until all 10 songs* have been recorded. Some tunes I will take you through my interpretive process, much as I did for PS 170 (Glengarry’s March).  I probably won’t take you through the level of sausage-making detail I […]