2018 Archie Kenneth Quaich – APC and Lament for Finlay

For your consideration: Lament for Finlay (PS 024). Here are the notes from the judges (as published in Piping Press, a Rab Wallace site): Outstanding amongst this list was David Hester who had come from the USA to play a tune he learned directly from the Campbell Canntaireachd – Finlays’ Lament. This was a powerful […]

Studies in Pibroch – More Urlars

We return now from summer competitions and vacations. A number of projects are in the works, and you will be hearing from more of us in the year ahead. And we will be concentrating our direction on more music, more audio files, more performances, and hope to encourage YOUR contributions, whether in discussion or (preferably) […]

APC Approach 1: PS 171 – End of the Great Bridge (Part 4)

Here are a few other things for your consideration, things you have never seen before (unless you’re a visitor to this site). First, half grips used as light D-throws: Second, whatever in the heck these are: Additionally, this edre to high-A, which has long since been changed to an embari to high-G (following MacKay’s score): […]