Pibroch Rhythm: Translating Early Gaelic Bagpipe Music in the 21st Century

McClellan, Robinson. Pibroch Rhythm: Translating Early Gaelic Bagpipe Music in the Twenty-First Century. Yale University, MMA. 2007

This is an interesting thesis endeavoring to understand and analyze pibroch rhythm.

The full thesis is here.

Supplementary analytic examples are here.

Dr. McClellan has composed a number of choral and instrumental pieces, including pibroch.  Visit his site here.

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  1. I got as far as this statement and gave up reading McClellan’s thesis:

        At a piping competition in 1806, John MacDonald received a special award for “producing the greatest   number of ancient pipe-tunes set to music [i.e. transcribed into staff notation].”

    The award was of course presented to DONALD MacDonald.

  2. Yes, this is an interesting thesis. I notice that the two links provided above currently point to the same pdf document–the thesis. I have looked for a link to the supplementary materials (which I hope might include the sound files) on McClellan’s website, but can’t seem to find them. Could I trouble someone to repair the second link? Many thanks,


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