Fear Pìoba Meata – The Timid Piper

This is a glorious piece of music, unjustly neglected. Its combination of brevity and musical depth is ideally suited to amateur pibroch players and learners. If competition organisers can’t change the rules to allow gems like this to gain currency, then something is seriously wrong! This is one of many good tunes that don’t fit our institutionalised thinking or event categories. The […]

Aged Warrior’s Sorrow

At Invermark Piping School (2015), Jack Lee presented a variety of short pibrochs to students.  They included Aged Warriors Sorrow, Sister’s Lament, The Pretty Dirk and two Nameless tunes. He asked the students to choose a tune for which they would then compose additional motions, as an exercise in musical creativity. From the manuscript evidence of the primary sources, it is […]

Cumha Roderick Cannon

Score of Cumha Roderick Cannon This is a musical tribute to Roderick Cannon, my closest colleague and an inspiring mentor. I will miss his bubbling enthusiasm, sunny spirit and warm generosity sharing his latest discoveries and insights over the phone.  It has been a privilege to exchange work-in-progress with him since 1997, debating pibroch’s darkest corners, sparking precious rays of light through our critical sparring. […]

Pibroch on the Harp

Bill Taylor recently sent me a recording to review of McLeod’s Lament played on wire-strung harp, closely following Colin Campbell’s 1797 notation. This is the earliest setting of Lament for the Harp Tree (PS 135). I am excited because we are nearing the end of a 12-month collaboration developing a CD and recital programme which, together with this website, form counterparts to my PhD […]