Glengarry’s March – Bruce Gandy (2015)

For yet another take on this Pibroch, this is Bruce Gandy at the MacDonald Quaich in 2015. It is an essoecially respectful rendition of the tune from a top-seeded competitor, whereby he respected all the distinguishing characteristics of the MacDonald style: streaming cadences, flourishes from high-A, teaorluath gearr, open fosgailte crunluaths, Urlar returns. He did […]

Studies in Pibroch – Finlay’s Lament (Part Two)

Over the last week or so, we have been in correspondence with a few of you regarding Finlay’s Lament. One of the most interesting conversations has been taking place musically (as it should). Patrick Molard has been kind enough to share his interpretation of Finlay’s Lament (PS 24). This first is his rendering of the PSC Book […]

Studies in Pibroch – More Urlars

We return now from summer competitions and vacations. A number of projects are in the works, and you will be hearing from more of us in the year ahead. And we will be concentrating our direction on more music, more audio files, more performances, and hope to encourage YOUR contributions, whether in discussion or (preferably) […]