2018 Set Tunes

This is old news, as I am sure many of you are now aware of the Piobaireachd Society posting by the Music Committee. Nevertheless, for those of you who do not usually keep track of competition requirements at the highest level (and even for those of you who do): Did you notice something remarkable? Unprecedented, […]

Shasta Piping Society – 2018 Original Piobaireachd Contest

A pre-announcement from our friend and member, Stephen Rooklidge: Facebook Page: Shasta Piping Society It is nice to see this very successful event return. Some very exciting new pibrochs were submitted, along with a majority number of very typical style compositions, all of which are certainly worth reading, and any of which would make a […]

Studies in Pibroch – More Urlars

We return now from summer competitions and vacations. A number of projects are in the works, and you will be hearing from more of us in the year ahead. And we will be concentrating our direction on more music, more audio files, more performances, and hope to encourage YOUR contributions, whether in discussion or (preferably) […]