Bulletproof Musician – Practice Hacks to Improve Perfromance

Noa Kageyama is at it again: coming up with more and better ways to help us as musicians make the shift from practicing effectively to performing effectively.

By now, you realize there is a difference, yes?  And the thing of it is, despite knowing this, most of us have no idea how to prepare for performance. We think practicing is all we need to do to play better in front of audiences, peers and judges.


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1) The three types of practicing you must engage in to feel truly prepared and excited – rather than anxious – about an upcoming performance.

2) Why how good you sound at the end of a practice session is not a great indicator of the quality of your practice session.

3) How effective, efficient practice actually builds bad performance habits. Yes, that’s right – effective practice can make you perform worse (?!).



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