2018 Set Tunes

This is old news, as I am sure many of you are now aware of the Piobaireachd Society posting by the Music Committee.

Nevertheless, for those of you who do not usually keep track of competition requirements at the highest level (and even for those of you who do): Did you notice something remarkable? Unprecedented, even?

Visit them here.

As you click on each tune link on that page, you will see a link for every extent score of that tune. This underlines the seriousness with which the Society encourages competitors to explore “alternative settings” and not feel intimidated at the choice of performing from them. For years they have explicitly stated:

Competitors are not restricted to settings specified above. Those who wish to play alternative settings should submit legible scores, indicating the origins of the settings, to competition organisers along with their tune selections.

Now they have greatly facilitated the potential adoption of these settings by making them easily, directly available.

We at the APC attribute this shift in attitude directly to Jack Taylor and members of the Music Committee.  Their open-mindedness and the depth of respect they hold our precious musical tradition is inspiring.


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