2 Replies to “Lacrimae”

  1. A very moving piece of music; very intense too. Willie and Jim looked pretty tired at the end of it!

  2. It was quite a feat of endurance, stamina, concentration and musicality for the two pipers to play the piece straight through several times. And into the bargain, to maintain tuning, stay together, and focus on own part while hearing and blending with the other. Not to mention various out of the ordinary challenges in the composition, like the suspensions (or as some would have it ‘clashes’) and the use of the F a mach note as well as BCD, the irregularity of the Crunluath a mach variation where the melody piper unravels the embellishment and the harmony player echoes it somewhat, rhythmically. All of the above meant challenge far and above what the ordinary non-piping listener might appreciate, but the players performed outstandingly and more than rose to the demands of the piece.

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