Reverse Engineering in Pibroch – by Ronald Smith

We have seen great advances in recovering and reclaiming the nearly lost art of the clarsach, and heard Simon Chadwick’s ressurections of its music and explorations into the lost world of the era when harp music and pibroch flourished side by side.  While illuminating and inspiring, much of this remains a specialist activity requiring dedication […]

PS 172 – Lament for the Sword, or The Aged Warrior’s Sorrow (for not being able to wield his sword as formerly)

Here is another tune from the Hannay-MacAuslan collection. Over the weeks, I will be posting more recordings, until all 10 songs* have been recorded. Some tunes I will take you through my interpretive process, much as I did for PS 170 (Glengarry’s March).  I probably won’t take you through the level of sausage-making detail I […]

Shasta Piping Society – Original Piobaireachd Music Competition Results

 Our club member Stephen Rooklidge, the force behind the Shasta Piping Society, announced the results of what we hope will be the first of many Original Piobaireachd Music competitions. Judges Rab Wallace, Bill Livingstone and Mike Cusak were asked to listen to and award three winners out of 26 entries sent in from all over the world […]