Irish Warpipes and Brien Boru Pipes

Cannon # Year Title Author
501 1908 Complete Tutor for the Brien Boru War Pipes Henry Stark
501a 1909 Irish Tunes for the Scottish and Irish War Pipes D Parfitt
502 1911 Irish Tunes Wm Walsh and D Glen
503 1913 Irish Airs for the War Pipes G de M H Orpen-Palmer
504 1922 Hawkes & Son’s Simplicity Instruction Book Hawkes and Sons
505 1924 McCullough’s Irish Warpipe Tutor Wm N Andrews
505a 1967 The McCullough Bagpipe Tune Book, Book 2 Frank Sterling
506 1940 Crowley’s Collection of Music Tadgh Crowley
507 1949 The Brigade Book of Irish Pipe Music The Irish Brigade
508 1975 The Royal Irish Rangers Standard Settings of Pipe Music Royal Irish Rangers
 Link 1974  The Pipe Music of the Western People  Thomas P MacGloin
 Link 1974  The McCullough-Pigott Collection No 2 of Irish Bagpipe Music
 Link 1978 Collection of Irish Tunes for the Bagpipe Books 1-4  Ailean Nicholson
 Link 1980  Original Compositions for the Bagpipe Tim Keogh
 Link 1987 Irish Tunes Old and New Terry Tully
 Link 1987 Traditional Irish Music for the Bagpipe   Dave Rickard
 Link 1991 Collection of Traditional Irish Music  Terry Tully
 Link 1997 Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music    Terry Tully