Northumbrian Pipes

Cannon # Year Title Author
201 1805 Favourite Collection John Peacock
202 1877 Tunes for the Northumbrian Small Pipes J Crawhall
203 1882 Northumbrian Minstrelsy Bruce & Stokoe
204 1896 Instruction Book for the Northumbrian Small-Pipes J.W. Fenwick
205 1925 Tutor for the Northumberland Half-Long Bagpipe William A Cocks
206 1936 Northumbrian Pipers’ Society’s Tune Book G.H. Askew
207 1956 Charlton Memorial Tune Book Hall and Stafford
207a 1969 North Country Songs Gwen and Mary Polwarth
208 1970 The Northumbrian Piper’s Tune Book F Charlton, C Ross & R Wright
 Link 1970 Folk Songs from the North Gwen & Mary Polwarth
 Link 1991 Learn to Play the Northumbrian Small Pipes Lance Robson
 Link 1993 Northumbrian Piper’s Green Book Matt Seattle
 Link 1993 Northumbrian Piper’s Yellow Book Matt Seattle
 Link 2006 Pick ‘n’ Mix Catherine Robson