Union Pipes

Cannon # Year Title Author
101 1746 Complete Tutor for the Pastoral or New Pipes John Geoghegan
102 1774 Jackson’s Celebrated Irish Tunes W Jackson
103 1804 O’Farrell’s Collection P O’Farrell
104 ND O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion P O’Farrell
105 1805 Collection Smollett Holden
106 1805 Fitzmaurice’s New Collection of Irish Tunes Fitzmaurice
107 1809 Irish Tunes Fitzmaurice
108 1809 Irish Fox Hint Fitzmaurice
109 1809 Instructions for Playing the Bagpipe John Geoghegan
110 1810 A Collection of Ancient Irish Airs John Mulholland
111 1810 A Collection of Irish Airs John Murphy
111a 1813 The Gentleman’s Musical Repository Charles P F O’Hara
112 1815 One Hundred Airs Lt Gen Dickson
113 1821 Amateur Companion Anon
114  n.d. New and Complete Instructions on the Union Pipes  T S Colclough
115 1912 Collection of Irish Airs F Roche
116 1936 Leo Rowsome’s Tutor for the Uileann Pipes Leo Rowsome
117 1936 How to Play the Irish Uillean Pipes Tadgh Crowley
118 1963 Ceol Rince na hEireann Breandan Breathnach
 Link  1974  Learn to play Uilleann Pipes  Eithne and J B Vallely
 Link  1975  Manual for the Irish Uileann Pipers  Patrick Sky
 Link  1976  The Dance Music of Willie Clancy  Pat Mitchell
 Link  1981  Ceol an Phíobaire  Terry Moylan
 Link  1986  The Piping of Patsy Touhey  Pat Mitchell & Jackie Small
 Link  1986  The New Approach to Uillean Piping  H J Clarke
 Link  1990   The Piper’s Dream  Pat McNulty
 Link  1996  The Davy Spillane Uilleann Pipe Tutor  Davy Spillane and Tommy Walsh.