503 – Irish Airs for the War Pipes by G de M H Orpen-Palmer

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1      c1913


p [1], title; pp [2], 3-4, essay, ‘Irish Pipes’, by the author; pp 5-7, instructions; p [8], index; pp 1-40, tunes 1-73.

  • British Library, London.  6.9 x 10.1″. Received 23 June l9l3.
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford.  Dated 1913 in the MS catalogue.

The preface is signed ‘G. de M. H. Orpen-Palmer, Killowen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry’. The omission of the hyphen in the title, and the insertion of the comma after P. O. W., are misprints in the original. The initials stand for “Prince of Wales’”.

2      No date


pp [1], [2], 3-4, 5-7, [8], 1-40, as I above; p [41] blank; p [42], advertisement

  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.  Original paper covers. 7.0 x 10.1″.
  • National Library of Ireland, Dublin.  The catalogue specifies 42 pages).
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

This ‘edition’ differs from the first only by the addition of one leaf at the end. The advertisement on p [42] is entitled ‘A Contrast’. It shows on the left a Highland piper in full dress, evidently copied from the frontispiece of William Ross’s Pipe Music (no. 314 above, edition II, 1876) and on the right a ‘Portrait of Patrick Galvin (native of Corofin, Co. Clare) of Shingle Creek Hotel, Otago, New Zealand, taken on his first return to Ireland after 40 years under the Southern Cross, playing a set of Union Pipes purchased from G. Butler & Sons.’

Askew lists only one edition of this collection, and he dates it 1918. In a letter to S. O Casaide he subsequently explained that he took the date on the authority of the National Library, Dublin, not having seen a copy himself. O Casaide wrote in reply that he had a copy which bore ‘internal evidence of having been published after 24 November 1917’, but he did not say what that evidence was (I am grateful to Mr. R. L. S. Stokoe for copies of these letters).

2a     No date


Content the same as 2 except for p [41].

  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.  Paper covers. 7.2 x 9.9”.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.  A Scotcopy on CD.

On page [41] is a copy of a testimonial letter dated 24 November 1917.

3      1967


p [1], title; pp [2], 3, [4], historical essay, ‘Irish Pipes’, by G. de M.H. Orpen-Palmer; pp 5-7, instructions; p [8], index; pp 1-40, tunes 1-73.

  • Paper covers. 6.9 x 8.8″. On sale 1968.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.

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