PS 048 – Lament for Robert Sinclair’s Wife

      Port a’ Mheadair

Primary Sources

C1 Robt Sinclair’s wife Lament C1.47: 96
K1 Port A Mheadair / Index: The Bicker K1.106: 243
KK Port A Mheadair / Index: The Royal Bicker KK.88: 175
KS Port a Mheadair / The Bicker or Cogue KS.8: 16

Notes on Gaelic Title

Port a’ Mheadair Port a Mheadair / The Bicker K1.24; Port A Mheadair K1.106; The Bicker K1.106 index; Port A Mheadair KK; The Royal Bicker KK index; Port a Mheadair / The Bicker or Cogue KS. The tune of the bicker or cogue (Scots words for a wooden beaker or drinking vessel). Angus MacKay gives this title to two different tunes, PS 48 and PS 81.

Roderick Cannon (2009), rev. Barnaby Brown 2016

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