Concise Tutor for Practice Chanter by D B Chalmers

An update by Geoff Hore 2008-2015.  The writing in black font is from A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music. The update comments are in blue font.


I      1973

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.57.28 AM

Front Cover

p 1, introduction; pp 2-5, Section 1; pp 6-25, Section 2; pp 26-27, Section 3 Tunes (3); pp 28-29, Section 4.

  • The Author’s Collection. 325mm X 205mm.

The book in the writer’s collection is missing the rear cover. It is made up of a number of individual sheets of paper stapled together with the text on the recto side of the page only.

There is no title-page and the above scanned imaged is from the front cover. A typewriter (desktop publishing was unknown in 1973) has been used for the text, whilst the music and pictures are all hand drawn. It was privately published in Australia.


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