387 – Nogle danske melodier omsat til saekkepibe by Mogens Zeiler


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I      1966

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Front Cover

The imprint on p [40] reads:

Klicheerne er fra Aarhus Klichéanstalt, heftningen / er foretaget af E. Byskous Eftfl. Alt billedstof, / nodeskrivning og tilrettelaeggelse af / [monogram]

Below the imprint: © 1966 by M.Z. covering the special arrangements of the’ Danish tunes only; copyrights for the tunes page 15 & 37 belong to the composers.

p [1], quotation (7) in Danish; pp 3-6, essay (untitled) on the Highland bagpipe; pp 8-9, ‘Danish Selection’ (7 tunes); pp 10-20, tunes (11); pp 21-24, plates; p 25, tune (1); p 26, notes on the tunes; pp 27-38, Scottish tunes (11); p [39], index; p [40], colophon.

Paper covers. 6.9 x 10. 6′.

  • The Author’s Collection.

The copyright date (p [40]) is 1966 and the book was first mentioned in the Piping Times in May 1966.

The book in the writer’s collection is identical to that described by Cannon except for the Supplement diamond on the front cover. He does not describe this.


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