382 – Music for the Highland Bagpipe by John A MacLellan

An update by Geoff Hore 2008-2015.  The writing in black font is from A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music. The update comments are in blue font.


1      1961

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Front Cover

p [1], title; p [2], foreword; p [3], index; p [4], ‘The sound compass of the Highland bagpipe on the great staff’; pp 5-7, Section I, Part I, on the phrasing of Marches, Strathspeys, and Reels; pp 8-12, Part II, on the fingering etc of pibroch note combinations; pp 12-14, Part III, on the metre of pibroch; pp 15-16, Part IV, pibroch phrasing; pp 17-33, marches (17), pp 34-35, slow airs (4); p 36, retreat and jig; pp 37-45, strathspeys (9); pp 46-51, reels (6); pp 52-62, jigs (9); pp [63-64] blank. (‘Part III’ begins part of the way down p 12).

Paper covers. 6.9 x 10.0′.

  • The Author’s Collection.

Page 17 has the note, ‘Copyright 1961 by J. A. MacLellan’. An advertisement in the Piping Times, December 1960, announced that the book would be available in February 1961.

2 1988

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Front Cover

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Contents as in 1 plus p S1, Supplement title-page; p S2, index; p S3, foreword; pp S4-S16, tunes (15 ceol mor); p S17, Ceol Mor title-page; p18-S38, tunes (9 ceol mor);

  • The Author’s Collection.

This edition leaves no doubt about the date of publication of both editions as they are spelt out in the title-page.

The most significant change to this edition is the inclusion of a number of extra tunes as well as all MacLellan’s Ceol Mor compositions.


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  • Rev 01 (7 February 2010).  Adds edition 2.

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