380 – The Seumas MacNeill Collection of Bagpipe Music by Seumas MacNeill

An update by Geoff Hore 2008-2015.  The writing in black font is from A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music. The update comments are in blue font.


Book 1

1      1960

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Cover title:

The / Seumas MacNeill / collection of bagpipe music / Published by the College of Piping, Otago St. Glasgow, W.2.
Above the title: Book 1 At right: 7/6 net

pp [i-ii], advertisements; p,[iii], title; p [iv], index; p [v], foreword; pp 1-48, tunes (58), pp [49-50] blank; p [51], advertisements. Page 1 is the reverse side of p [V].

  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.* 7.0 x 10.7. Paper cover.
  • The Author’s Collection.

The imprint and price appear on the front cover, not on the title-page. The foreword is signed ‘Seumas MacNeill. The College of Piping, January 1960.’ The book is mentioned in an editorial note in the Piping Times, July 1960. It was advertised for sale in June 1961 but had in fact been available for some time previously.

2      1966

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Front Cover

p [i], title; p [ii], index; p [iii], foreword; pp 2-48, tunes as I, but see note below; p [49], advertisement. Page 2 is the reverse side of page [iii].

Paper covers. 7. 1 x 10. 7″.

  • The Author’s Collection. From Angus A MacIntyre’s Collection.

By a misprint, page 41 is the same as page 40. The book in the writer’s collection has the same misprint.

3       1980

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Front Cover

p [i], title; p [ii]; blank; p [iii], index; p [iv], blank; pp 1-48, tunes (58).

  • The Author’s Collection.

The misprint on pages 40 and 41 has been corrected. This book is now enlarged to A4 size. An advertisement announcing this edition appeared in the Piping Times Vol 33, No 4, January 1981.

4       2001

The Piping Times Vol 53, No 7, April 2001 advises this book had been reprinted.


Part 2

1      1985


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Front Cover

p [i], title; p [ii]; blank; p [iii], index; p [iv], blank; pp 1-47, tunes (50). The Author’s Collection.

Inside the front cover is ‘First published 1985’. This book in A4 size.


  • Rev 00 (25 September 2008).
  • Rev 01 (9 February 2011).  Updates Book 1, edition 3 and adds edition 4. Changes the edition numbering method.

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