365 – Fergusson’s Bagpipe Melodies, Compositions and Settings by William Fergusson

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I      1939

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(Note: The title-page has the previous owner’s name emblazoned in such a manner that it would be difficult to remove and hence the scanning is from the front cover. The printing is identical.)
p [i], title; p [ii], index; pp 1-41, tunes 1-55.

  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.* 6.8 x 10.2″. Received 9 August 1940.
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford.* Paper covers. Received 31 July 1940.
  • City Library, Dundee.
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.
  • University Library, Cambridge. Received 16 July 1940
  • The Author’s Collection.

Although the copyright libraries did not receive the book until mid-1940, it seems to have been published earlier. It was advertised for sale in the Piping and Dancing magazine, December 1939.

No other editions are known.

Unicorn Limited Inc in USA offers a reproduction on CD. See www.scotpress.com.


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