353 – Some Piobaireachd Studies by G F Ross

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I      1926

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p [1], title; p [3], preface; p [4], index; pp 5-7, introduction; pp 8-17, notes on canntaireachd; pp 18-22, notes on the playing of ‘leumluth’, ‘taorluth, and ‘crunluth’ beats; p [23], half-title; pp 24-46, pibrochs; pp [47-52], blank music MS paper.

  • The Author’s Collection. In perfect condition. From the collection of the late Angus A MacIntyre.

Paper covers. 10. 0 x 13.4 ” .

The preface is signed, ‘G. F. Ross, . . . Calcutta, 17 June 1926. ‘The half-title on p [23] reads: ‘Some corrections of mutilated tunes, &c.’ The author maintains that, just as marches, strathspeys and reels are strictly metrical in construction, so pibrochs should conform to analogous rules. Two basic metrical patterns are recognised – 4, 4, 4, 4 and 6, 6, 4 metre, and nearly all tunes not conforming to these types are regarded as mutilations of a once perfect original. The discussion of canntaireachd is founded on the Gesto book (305), and on information from Simon Fraser, of Warnambool, Australia.

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