349 – Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music by William Gray and John Seton

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I      1925

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p [i], title; p [ii], index; p 1, drum exercises; pp 2-16, drum settings (38); p 17, retreat beatings; p 18, strathspey beatings; pp 19-20, reel beatings; pp 1-13, pibrochs (5); pp 14-22, marches (9); pp 23-31, strathspeys (10); pp 32-45, reels (14); pp 46-47, jigs (3); pp 48-50, slow airs (5) and waltz (1).

  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.* (catalogue no. 444210). Paper covers, the whole now bound up in cloth. 6.7 x 10.1 Received 1December 1925.
  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
  • The Author’s Collection. Two originals. Boards.

The copyright date and the Glasgow library accession date together establish that this edition appeared in 1925.

Askew’s description seems rather confused. He refers to a Paterson edition, presumably later than this one, but dates it 1922.

The two books in the writer’s collection both have covers on them that contain all the information on the title-page plus a photograph of a pipe band but it has 1922 rather than 1925. This date difference is not easily explained.

Cannon points out above that Askew describes an edition published by Paterson’s Publications Ltd with the date 1922. Paterson, Sons & Co Ltd changed to Paterson’s Publications Ltd in 1925. This suggests that the 1922 date quoted by Askew was taken from the cover and that it is an error.

Askew states that this book is a supplement to the Pipe and Drum Tutor (no 347). The address of one of the authors differs from that on the Tutor and proves that it was published after the Tutor.

The book described by Askew may be an edition yet to be discovered.

Unicorn Limited Inc in USA offers a reproduction on CD. See www.scotpress.com.


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