344 – A Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music by C G L Arnot

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I      1918

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title; pp [I]. II-IX. Contents’ pp X-XIX. Instructions and exercises; pp 1-102, marches 1-120; pp 103-150, strathspeys 1-48 and reels 1-48, alternating; pp 151-161, reels 49-57; pp 162-165, other tunes numbered 58-64.

  • Private collection (Mr A. G. Kenneth). 7.0 x 10.2″. The information above is taken from a photocopy.
  • The Author’s Collection. Photocopy.

Apart from the title-page and contents, this book is reproduced from typescript and handwritten music. The instructional matter is almost identical with Logan’s Tutor (no. 332 above).

One tune, ‘The Flowers of the Forest’, is stated to be arranged from a gramophone record of the playing of P.M. W. Ross, Scots Guards.

The only other mention of this book which I can find is in correspondence of G. H. Askew, shortly after the publication of his bibliography. Mr. S. C. Sankari wrote, on 3 September 1934,

‘One of my friends is in possession of a “Rangoon Collection” . . .by C. G. L. Arnot but, ‘I failed to secure a copy even after great inquiries.’

The writer can only concur with the above comments about the rarity of this book. It is only recently that he acquired a photocopy from Iain Millington in Nova Scotia.


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