343 – MacLeod’s Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe by A R MacLeod

An update by Geoff Hore 2008-2015.  The writing in black font is from A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music. The update comments are in blue font.


Cannon located edition I only. Since then a later edition has been found. I c1915

I     c1915

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p [i], title; p [ii], copy of a letter (see below); p [iii], copy of another letter; pp [iv, v], index; p [vi] blank; pp 1-5, instructions; pp 6-89, tunes (134); p [90] blank.

  • Private Collection.* 6.7 x 10. 3
  • The Author’s Collection. Cover missing.

The first of the two letters referred to is from the Scottish Office, Whitehall, 5 May 1911 to the author at 5 Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh. In it King George V sends his thanks for a new tune dedicated to him by Pipe-Major MacLeod. The second letter, from Buckingham Palace, 1 January 1915, to the author at 5 Cambusnethan Place, Edinburgh, bears a similar message from the Prince of Wales.

Askew (1932) mentions this book as being ‘Published by A. R. MacLeod, 2 Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh. Price 2s. net, post 3d. Copyright.’, and referring to the letter of May 1911, he concludes that the book was ‘probably published in 1911 or 1912’. Evidently he overlooked the second letter. Two of the tunes are dated 1914.

The title-page states there are 130 tunes in this book. In the description provided by Cannon he shows correctly that there are in fact 134.

II      After 1918.

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p [i], title; p [ii], copy of a letter (see below); p [iii], copy of another letter; pp [iv], index; p [v vi], missing; pp [1]-5, instructions; pp 6-89, tunes (134); p [90] tune (1); pp 91-92, missing; pp 93-96, tunes (5); p 97- 98 (missing); there may have been other pages.

  • The Author’s Collection.  Donated by Lewis Turrell, Auckland

The Instructions bear a strong resemblance to Logan’s Tutor and in edition II have had some information removed and arranged differently. The music up to page 89 is the same as edition I with only slight changes.

The title-page states there are a total of 140 tunes but as in the first edition this can easily be proven incorrect. Page 6-89 have 134 tunes; page 90 has the ground, 1st var and doubling of a piobaireachd; pages 91 and 92 are missing but it is most likely that 91 would have concluded the piobaireachd; pages 93-96 have 5 tunes; pages 97 and 98 are missing but the surviving index shows at least one tune on each page. This is a minimum of eight tunes which brings the number to 142. When the remaining pages are identified this will be clarified.

The date of publication is less easily determined. It does not appear anywhere in the book and none of the surviving new tunes has a date. One tune The Allies Triumphant March on Berlin by A R MacLeod obviously refers to an incident after the war but the actual date cannot be ascertained at this time.


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