342 – Dunoon Highland Gathering Collection by The Dunoon Highland Gathering

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I     c1912

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p [i], index; p [ii], dedication; pp 1-36, marches 1-36; pp 37-49, strathspeys 1-23; pp 50-61, reels 1-23; p [62], advertisement.

  • Roderick Cannon Collection.* Paper covers. 7.0 x 10. 2″.
  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. (title-page missing).
  • The Author’s Collection.

The dedication is to H.G. The Duke of Argyll, and is signed ‘H. S. Strafford, Secty., Cowal Highland Gathering’.

This collection was compiled from about 300 tunes submitted in a competition held by the Cowal (Dunoon) Highland Gathering Committee. The competition must have been held in 1911 or 1912, since one of the tunes is dated 1911, and a notice stating that the collection ‘will be published this month’ appeared in the Celtic Monthly, July 1912. A review appeared in the following issue. By 1932 the collection was ‘long since out of print’ (Askew).

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