337 – The Piobaireachd as MacCrimmon Played It by John McLennan

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I      c1907

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p [i], title; p [ii], index; pp [1], 2-8, instructions; p 1, scales; pp 2-8, pibrochs and other tunes (17); pp [9- 10] blank.

  • Central Public Library, Edinburgh.* Paper cover. 10.l x 15.8”.
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.
  • The Author’s Collection

The instructional matter is cast in the form of a letter from the author to his son George S. MacLennan (Pipe-Major, Gordon Highlanders). It begins ‘Dear George’, and ends ‘John MacLennan, Edinburgh, June, 1907.’

C. A. Malcolm (The Piper in Peace and War, London, 1927), wrote that this book ‘created much controversy among pibroch enthusiasts who did not share the ideas formulated by this able and life-long student of the bagpipe and its lore’. It is characterized by unusual Gaelic nomenclature, and also various unorthodox beats for the crunluath amach (here called ceither- lugh-a-mach). For the first time the leumluath, taorluath and crunluath are printed without the intermediate low A note.

A biographical notice of the author appears in the Piping Times, April 1973, p 28.

Unicorn Limited Inc in USA offers a reproduction of edition I on CD. See www.scotpress.com.


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