330 – The Music of the Clan MacLean by David Glen

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Cannon located edition I only. Since then a later edition has turned up.

I      1900

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p [i], title; p [ii], the MacLean crest; p [iii], preface; p [iv], index; pp 1-8, songs (2); pp 9-50, violin tunes (2), pipe tunes (8) and pibrochs (13), interspersed; p 51, headed ‘Addenda’, tunes (2); p [52], ornamental design.

  • Public Library, New York. Bevelled boards. Cloth. Pages gilt-edged. One fly-leaf at each end. 14.0 x 10.1”.
  • British Library, London. Dated 1900 in catalogue.
  • City Library, Dundee.
  • Central Public Library, Edinburgh.
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow.
  • The Author’s Collection. Photocopy.

The date 1900 is firmly established. The preface is dated September 1900 and a review appeared in the Celtic Monthly in October of the same year.

II      After 1911

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Contents as in I.

  • The Author’s Collection.  Paper covers. 14.0 x 10.25”.

The publisher’s name, David Glen & Sons, indicates this edition was published after 1911. Inside the front and rear covers are advertisements for Glen’s Ancient Piobaireachd (no 321) and parts 16 and 17 of Glen’s Collection (no 316).

The contents appear to be identical to edition I and there is nothing that helps to accurately date it.

Unicorn Limited Inc in USA offers a reproduction of edition I on CD. See www.scotpress.com.


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