321a The Book of the Club of True Highlanders by C N McIntyre North

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1      1880

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These two images are from the Electric Scotland website and used here with their permission.

Vol 1
frontispiece (Plate 1); title (Plate 2); dedication; preface; subscribers; list of plates; contents; pp [i], ii-xi, introduction; pp [1], 2-7, Chapter I; pp 7-14, Chapter II; pp 14-21, Chapter III; pp 21-25, Chapter IV; pp [26], 27-33, Chapter V; pp [34], 35-39, Chapter VI; pp 40-46, Chapter VII; pp 46-59, Chapter VIII. Plate 3 between pp iv and v; Plate 4 between pp vi and vii; Plate 5 between pp xi and 1; Plate 6 between pp 6 and 7, Plate 7 and 8 between pp 10 and 11; Plates 8 and 9 between pp 12 and 13; Plates 11 and 12 between pp 14 and 15; Plate 13 between pp 20 and 21; Plate 14 between pp 22 and 23; Plate 15 between pp 25 and 25; Plate 16 between pp 32 and 33; Plates 17 and 18 between pp 34 and 35; Plates 19-22 between pp 36 and 37; Plates 23 and 24 between pp 40-41; Plate 25 between pp 44 and 45; Plate 26 between pp 52 and 53; Plate 27 between pp 54 and 55; Plates 29 between pp 56 and 57.

Vol 2
frontispiece (Plate 30); title; list of plates; contents; pp [1], 2-9, Chapter I; pp [10], 11-22, Chapter II; pp 23-33, Chapter III; pp 33-45, Chapter IV; pp 46-53, Chapter V; appendix (3 pages); Rules and Constitution of the Club of True Highlanders 3 pages). Plate 31 between pp 2 and 3; Plate 32 between pp 4 and 5; Plate 33 between pp 6 and 7; Plates 34 and 35 between pp 8 and 9, Plate 36 between pp 12 and 13; Plates 37-40 between pp 22 and 23; Plates 41-46 between pp 24 and 25; Plate 47 between pp 28 and 29; Plate 48-57 between pp 32 and 33; Plate 58 between pp 34 and 35; Plate 59-65 between pp 36 and 37; Plate 66 between pp 38 and 39; Plate 67 between pp 40 and 41; Plates 68 and 69 between pp 48-49; Plate 70 between pp 52 and 53.

University of Guelph, Ontario, McLaughlin Library

This rare book at first glance does not appear to be a bagpipe music book. However, Volume II has a small number of ceol mor and ceol beag tunes and this warrants its inclusion in this Bibliography. The writer has never seen the book and was alerted to its significance by Roderick Cannon and Keith Sanger, Edinburgh.

Both volumes contain much information about Gaelic life and culture. Volume II Chapter IV contains information about the Highland bagpipe and its music.

The date of initial publication is a little confusing; the book in the MacLaughlin Library has the date August 1881 on the dedication page. Nowhere does it indicate that it is the first or subsequent edition. However, Keith Sanger has provided the following information:

I think I can explain the book’s date question. It was primarily printed by subscription and there was then an advert in the Scottish Celtic Review for March 1881 which indicated that there would be a limited number available for general purchase. I think that the advert may have been intended to come out earlier but as the National Library (of Scotland) Catalog clearly gives the date of 1880, I suspect that those would be the early subscribers and the 1881 date comes from the small number sold after the advert.

This seems to make sense for there were other bagpipe music books published by subscription but a number of additional copies were made available for general sale.

In March 2011 an internet auction site sold a copy of this book and in the description suggested it was dated 1891. This may be a later edition but without a better description it is impossible to be sure. The book sold for $160-00 USD.

Thanks are extended to Alastair McIntyre and Electric Scotland.com for permission to include the book’s details and images.


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