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An update by Geoff Hore 2008-2015.  The writing in black font is from A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music. The update comments are in blue font.


1     1848 (Edition I in the original Bibliography).


p [1], title; p [III], preface; p [IV], errata; pp [V-VI], index; pp VII-XV, instructions; p [XVI] blank; pp 1-00, tunes (210).

  • British Library, London.  6.7 x 9.9”. Received 10 Dec. 1868
  • Sandeman Public Library, Perth.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.

The preface is dated 12th September, 1848. Manson gives the date of first publication as 1847 but this can hardly be right since Gunn says in his preface that this is the first edition.

2     1860 (Not in the original Bibliography)


Cannon did not find this edition during his research but since then one has turned up in the College of Piping Museum in Glasgow. The details of the contents are not known.

In all later editions there are 10 extra pages of music and the comment ‘with additions’ on the above title-page probably indicates that the extra tunes started at edition 2.  The date of publication of edition 2 seems to be set at 1860 as indicated on title-page and also the Prefaces of all the later editions.

The above scanned image is from page 34 of Highland Bagpipe Makers by Jeannie Campbell, published by Magnus Orr 2001.

3     1863 (Not in original Bibliography).

Gunn001 copy

This book is currently in a private collection in Scotland but is being offered on the market shortly.  

4     1867 (Edition II in the original Bibliography).


p [I], title; p [III], preface; p [IV], preface to second edn; pp [V-VI], index; pp VII-XV, instructions; p [XVI] blank; pp 1-100, tunes (210); pp 101-110, tunes (14).

  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.  (Glen collection). Stiff covers, original; subsequently repaired. 5.9 x 9.7”.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.  Has been rebound into a modern cover.

Although the title-page is dated 1867, the preface on page [III], which is similar to but not identical with that of the first edition, is dated 1st. June 1860.

The tunes in the supplement are indexed separately at the end of the preface to the second edition. The main index is the same as before.

The book in the writer’s collection has a paper slip with the details of the original seller:


Further information about Brown can be found in Highland Bagpipe Makers 2nd edition by Jeannie Campbell 2011.

5     1876 (Edition IIa in the original Bibliography).

There is a reference, in an article by ‘Fionn’ in the Celtic Monthly, Vol. 10, p 100 (February 1902) to W. Gunn’s collection, 1876. If correct, this must refer to an edition or reprint not so far traced.

At the moment this is called edition 5 but it could well be edition 5, 6, 7 or 8. This will be clarified when the missing editions are identified.

6      No date

Nothing is known of edition 6 at this time.

7      No date

Nothing is known of edition 7 at this time.

8     No date

Nothing is known of edition 8 at this time.

9      1886-97 (Edition III in the original Bibliography)


Contents as 4.

  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow. (a photocopy; the library does not possess the original). 6.0 x 9.6″. 

The date 1886 on this edition cannot be taken for granted. All editions after edition 9 have this date on the title-page but Peter Henderson’s address changes show that some were published later.

In Highland Bagpipe Makers Jeannie Campbell states the date of the move from 17 Royal Arcade is 1897. So this edition could have appeared at any time in the 11 year period 1886-97. When editions 5, 6, 7 and 8 are found the earliest date may well be clarified.

The scanned image above was taken from edition 13 published by The National Piping Centre 2003.

10    1895-1907 (Edition IV in the original Bibliography)


Contents as 4.

  • National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.  6.3 x 9.8″. On the title-page there is an owner’s signature, ‘J. M. Henderson’, and a bookseller’s rubber stamp: Logan & Compy. / 59, Church Street, / Inverness.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.

Henderson removed his business from 17 Royal Arcade to 100 Renfrew Street in 1895 or 1896; and then again to 24 Renfrew Street, c. 1907 (see the Glasgow Post Office Directory). Hence this edition is of the period 1895-1907, in spite of the date on the title-page, which must merely have been copied from the previous edition.

Manson, writing in 1901, does not help with the dating. After describing the enlarged edition of 1867 (i.e. edition 10 above) he continues, ‘republished in 1892 and 1889 by Peter Henderson, Glasgow, price 6s’. He does not mention an edition number, and since his dates are in reverse chronological order, I suspect that one is a misprint.

From Henderson’s address on the title-page it can be dated after 1895 and not after 1907.

11    1897-1907 (Not in the original Bibliography)


Contents as IV.

  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.

Like edition 10 this book can be dated after 1895 and not after 1907.

12   1907-30 (Edition V in the original Bibliography)


Contents as IV.

  • W A Cocks Collection, Black Gate Museum. Newcastle.
  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.  Donated by Roy Gunn, Gold Coast, Australia.

The wrong date 1886 appears again, although this edition must have appeared in 1907 or later (see above). Although this is again called the 10th edition, the number 10 on the title-page is printed in different type from that used in edition 10 above.

Askew reported that the ‘1886 edition’ was still available in 1932, price 7s 6d, but he did not specify an edition number. In the absence of any later editions it is believed this to be the edition to which Askew refers.

The edition number (10th) is an obvious error and perhaps should be the 12th edition. The address of 24 Renfrew Street definitely dates it after the one identified as the 11th edition.

The name, Peter Henderson on the title-page does not have Ltd after it. The writer has a photocopy of a Peter Henderson invoice dated 2 March 1918 and it does not have Ltd on it. When Some Piobaireachd Studies by G F Ross was published in 1926 ‘Ltd’ in the company name. The best we can say at the moment is that this edition was published after 1907 and could not have been published after 1926.

According to Baptie, William Gunn was born about 1788 and died in February 1867, but Manson says he died in 1876, aged 78 years. Keith Sanger of Edinburgh advises he has seen Gunn’s death record and he died 1 February 1867. He was for a time piper to the Glasgow Gaelic Club (he composed a tune of that name) and he kept a school for pipers. ‘The register of this school, which was kept with great care, would be an interesting document if it could be got, for among his pupils were many who became well-known pipers.’ (Manson, 1901, p. 188).

13     2003


title; Printer’s details; p [1], Foreword; p [2], bibliography; remainder as per IV.

  • Geoff Hore’s Collection.

This edition is a facsimile of the 9th edition and according to the date on the Foreword was published in December 2003.  To avoid confusion the outer cover has been scanned and not the title-page which is a facsimile of edition 9.


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4            1867 (Edition II in the original Bibliography)