302a – Instructions for the Highland, Lowland and the Northumberland Bagpipe by Donald MacDonald

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1     1808

Keith Sanger, published an article about Donald MacDonald in the Piping Times Vol 49, No 1, October 1996 and included the following advertisement that was published in the Edinburgh Courant 3 November 1808:

“McDonald Musical Instrument maker and Teacher of Pipe Music, head of Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, at the request of a number of young gentileman his pupils has just published a complete set of INSTRUCTIONS for the HIGHLAND, LOWLAND AND NORTHUMBERLAND BAGPIPES consisting of three pages price 1sh and 6d and containing all the Cuttings, Shakes and other Graces with an account of the different times of the music adapted on the above instrument to which are added various specimens of Bagpipe Music, the whole being intended as an introduction to a collection of piobrach or the ancient warlike music of Caledonia and Highland reels which will also be published as soon as sufficient number of subscriber come forward.”

No copy of this book has ever been located.


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