Cuth Selby’s Pipe Tunes by Valda and Ewan McCann

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1      2009

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Front cover

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p [1], title; p [2], imprint; pp 3-5, foreword; pp6-8, contents; p 9, acknowledgements; pp 11-46, essays; pp 47-74, tunes by Cuth Selby (24); pp75-75-91, tune by George Dickson (16); pp 93-122, Tunes by Donald Sargent (25); pp 123-124, appendix; p 125, bibliography.

  • The Author’s Collection 210mm x 297mm.

Ewen is the son of Bruce McCann(a well known piper from the middle decades of the 20th century) and was a Highland dancer in his early years. He learned to play the pipes later in life.

This is the second book of bagpipe music compiled by Valda and Ewen McCann, the first one being Bruce McCann’s Pipe Tunes in 2005. 750 books were printed.


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