The Crunluath Collection by Angus McPhee

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1      2006

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Front cover

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p [i], short title; p [ii], sketch; p [iii], title; p [iv], imprint; p [v], photograph; p [vi], sketch; p [vii], contents; p [viii] and [ix], forward in English and Gaelic; p [x] and [xi], introduction in English and Gaelic; pp 1-62, tunes (50]; pp 63-78, translations; p 79, tune (1); p [80], photograph; p 81, CD track listing.

  • The Author’s Collection. 210mm x 297mm.

This book is unusual in that it takes bagpipe music, both ceòl mòr and ceòl beag, and arranges them for the voice. At the same time the compiler has composed Gaelic lyrics. The one exception is the ceòl mòr, Lament for Rona on page 79 and is composed by Angus MacPhee in the same style as pipers would find it in any other book of bagpipe music.


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