The Kiwi Collection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe by Roger Gill

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Book 1

1      1991

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Front Cover

p [i], foreword; pp [ii-iii], contents; pp 1-51 tunes (61), p [52], imprint..

  • The Author’s Collection. 281mm x 205mm.

This is a self-published book and all the tunes are composed by New Zealanders. The compiler believed there was a distinctive New Zealand composing style emerging and produced this book to show it.

Although ‘Book 1’ appears on the front cover the compiler has no intention of producing another but he has given permission for others to continue using the title if they wish.

When this book was compiled computers were in their infancy and programmes for writing music were rare and very expensive. The compiler was a computer programmer and wrote his own programme.

There is no ISBN.


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