The Piper’s Helper by John Recknagel

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1     1990

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Front Cover

p [i], Front cover (facsimile) p [ii], title; p [iii], dedication; p [iv], acknowledgements; p [v], foreword; p 1. contents; p 2, To the Piper; pp 3-37, exercises; p 38, addendum; p 39, About the Author.

  • The Author’s Collection. 280mm x 216mm.

This is a spiral bound collection with all the text printed on the recto side of the page only. The compiler advises they were produced using the photocopying process and as more were needed he just copied and bound them. There has been no update to the material and there is no ISBN.

Most of these books have an ivory coloured cover but there were a few with blue. The one in the writer’s collection is blue. The compiler adds that he knows of a number of illegal photocopies of this book. It was advertised for sale in the Piping Times Vol 44, No 10, July 1992.

There are two other books by this author, The Dance Piper’s Helper (1995) and Wedding and Funeral Music (1997).


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