Privy Piping by Scotpress

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1      1986

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Front Cover

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p [i], title; p [ii], imprint; p [iii], introduction; p [iv], contents; pp 1-27, tunes (50).

  • The Author’s Collection. 184mm x 254mm.

As the Introduction states the authors of this book ‘…have wisely chosen to remain anonymous’, and were not inclined to have their names appended to it. Some of the tunes are certainly not those that traditionalists like to hear on the Highland bagpipe. It is perhaps appropriate that on the rear cover is a drawing of an outhouse and this may imply how some perceive these tunes when played on the bagpipe! However, there are others who get a lot of enjoyment playing or hearing them played and this book is perfect for them.

The date of publication is not in the book but communication with Vicki McLeod of Scotpress states that it came out in 1986. She has also advised the names of the authors and now 26 years on it is probably the time to ‘out’ them – particularly as they no longer seem to be involved on the bagpipe scene. The two ‘perpetrators’ of this book were Gordon MacDonald and Bernie (Vicki has forgotten the last name) both of Seattle.


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