1986-2000 Bagpipe Music by William Livingstone

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1986 Bagpipe Music by William Livingstone.
2000 Bagpipe Music Book 2 by William Livingstone.

Book 1

1 1986

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Front Cover

p [i], blank; p [ii], dedication; p [iii], foreword/acknowledgements; p [iv], index; pp 1-57, tunes (61).

  • The Author’s Collection. 214mm x 280mm.

An advertisement in the Piping Times Vol 38, No 11, August 1985 states this book is ‘Coming Soon…. to a Quality Bookstore’. There is no title-page or ISBN. Although there is nothing on the front cover to show it, this is Book 1.


Book 2

1      2000

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Front Cover

p [i], acknowledgements and foreword; p [ii], dedication; p 1, contents; pp 2-54, tunes (63).

An advertisement offering this book for sale is in the Piping Times Vol 52, No 9, June 2000. There is no ISBN.


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