The Sargent Collection by Captain D A Thoresen OAM

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1      1985

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Front cover

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p [i], title; p [ii], preface; p [iii], index; pp 1-60, tunes (60). All pages are single sided.

  • The Author’s Collection. 178mm x 235mm.

Throughout his life, whenever a tune was written, the composer would immediately give it away to any interested person. The late Willie Anderson was the recipient of the originals but at any one time there were a number of copies held by many others. When Doug Thoresen commenced preparation for this book he gathered tunes from a number of sources but many had errors that were not detected until after the book went to press. The cost of reprinting the book was prohibitive and the project lapsed but a number did find there way into the public arena.

In 2001 the Muckle Dram Collection was published and it included all the tunes in this edition plus many new ones that had been composed in the meantime. The Muckle Dram Collection can be considered the second edition.

2       2001

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Front cover

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p [i], title; p ii, preface; p iii, about the composer; p iv, index; pp 5-6, photographs; pp1-99, tunes 95.

  • The Author’s Collection. 210mm x 290mm.

This edition contains all the tunes from edition 1 plus new tunes composed between 1985 and 2001. Although the title-page states there are 250 books in this edition the printer included an additional batch of about 40.

Since this book was published 25 tunes additional tunes have been composed and they have been included in a collection published in late 2009 called Cuth Selby’s Pipe Tunes by Valda and Ewen McCann.


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