The Isle of Skye Original & Traditional Tunes for the Highland Bagpipe by Derek B Scott

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Derek Scott PhD, MMus, BA, PGCE is a Professor of Critical Musicology at the University of Leeds and is also a piper. He has a number of publications to his name and this one is op 16 (1984). In another of his works Airs and Dances op.28 for Highland Bagpipe and Brass (1998) he has taken a number of tunes from his book and composed brass band accompaniment.

1      1984

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Front Cover

p [i], title; p [ii], contents; pp 1-18, tunes (24); pp 19-20, piobaireachd (1); p [21], Notes.

  • The Author’s Collection.  Photocopy.

This book was advertised for sale in the Piping Times Vol 37, No 5 February 1985. There are 13 tunes composed by Scott, one is a piobaireachd and the remainder are his arrangements of traditional tunes.

2      1992

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Front Cover

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p [i], title; p [ii], contents; pp 1-18, tunes (24); p [19], Notes; pp [20-21], piobaireachd (1).

  • The Author’s Collection. 297mm x 208mm.

According to the compiler this was published in 1991 but the date within the book in 1992. The second edition was advertised for sale in the Piping Times Vol 46, No 3, December 1993. Although the tunes are the same as edition 1 they have all been reset.

3      1993

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Front cover

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p [1], title; p [2], contents; pp 3-23, tunes (24); pp 24-25, piobaireachd (1); p 26, abbreviations; p [27], notes.

  • The Author’s Collection. 297mm x 210mm.

This book is spiral bound and the music has once again been reset. All tunes and arrangements are the same as the previous editions.

4      1998

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Front Cover

p [i], title; p [ii], introduction; pp [various] complete Brass Band and Pipe scores.

This book has not been published. It is a suite arranged from a number of tunes from his book and has the complete scores for the Pipes and Brass Band instruments as arranged by Scott. He has tried to have it played in UK but without success. The writer is currently talking to New Zealand bands to get it played.


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