First Book A Collection of Bagpipe Music for All Stages by Neil Dickie

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Book 1

1      1983

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Front Cover

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P [i], title; p ii, photograph; p iii, introduction; p iv, advertisement; p [v], index; pp[1-40], tunes (44); p [41], dedication; p 42, Thankyou Page; .p 43 [44], advertisement.

  • The Author’s Collection. 185mm x 269mm.

Scott Williams of Scott Williams Publishing has written and published a number of biographies of mainly North American pipers including Neil Dickie. These can be seen on the website

The above article was first published in the June/July ’97 issue of Celtic Heritage and at that time 13,000 copies of this book had been sold. This must be some sort of record for a modern (post-1980) bagpipe music book. There are many dozens of books of bagpipe music published since the advent of the home computer and many of these have sold in the low hundreds. There is no doubt that the music in Dickie’s book is extremely popular amongst modern pipers and hence the huge numbers sold.

Another consequence of such a huge number of sales is there must have been a number of different editions. To date only three have been identified but no doubt there are more.

2      1985

Cover and Title-page as in edition 1.
The contents are as in edition 1 except an advertisement appears inside front cover; p ii now includes the publication history; p [iv] blank; p [42], dedication removed; p 43, new advertisement.

  • The Author’s Collection. 185mm x 269mm.

A note on page ii describes this as ‘2nd edition – 1985’.

3       Unknown

The writer has seen an edition of this book advertised for sale on the internet and the inclusion of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) decrees it is a later edition.

Book 2

No information on Book 2 has been obtained at this time.


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