Ceol Mor by William Connell

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1       1980

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Front cover

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p [i], title; p [iii], preface; p [v], contents; p 1, Scale of Taorlueth (sic), Crunlueth (sic) and Crunluath A Mach; pp 2-7, tunes (6); p [8], Origins of the Cameron Family Tree.

  • The Author’s Collection. Photocopy.

The writer has only ever seen a photocopy of this book and it is not known whether this is the original method of publication or a copy. Each tune written in Connell’s style and is accompanied by a photocopy from the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor (No 367). At the bottom of page 1 is a note stating there are cassette tapes available for all tunes printed in this book and they can be obtained from the compiler. The writer has never seen these tapes. There is no ISBN.

William Connell was a Scot who migrated to Canada and died there in 2008.


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