The Piobaireachd of Simon Fraser by Dr B J MacLachlan Orme

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1      c1979

An advertisement for this book appears in the Piping Times Vol 33, No 2, November 1980 and it is assumed to be the first edition as the one below (dated 1985) is called the ‘second edition’.

2      1985

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Front Cover

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p [i], title; p [ii], imprint; p 1, General Index; p 2, photograph; pp 3-6, Index of Piobaireachd; pp 7-10, introduction; pp 11-17, The History of the Frasers; pp 18-23, How I Got the Sheanntaireachd; p 24, photograph; pp 25-32, The History of the Religion of the MacCrimmons; pp 33-35, History of Captain Neil MacLeod of Gesto; p 36, photograph; pp 37-40, The History of the Bruces; pp 41-44, The Canntaireachd; pp 45-47, Summary of New Notation Rules from SF Letters; p 48, Some Comparison of Old and New Vocables; pp 49-50, Instructions of Fingering the Notes; pp 51-58, The Tune and the Beats; p 59, photograph; p 60, references; p 61, The Fraser Manuscripts; p 62, Scales; pp 63-341, tunes (140).

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