Echos de Ker-Hue Musique pour Cornemuse by Jakez Pincet

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Livre 1

1      ND

Nothing is known of this book at this time. It is only known from the fact that the book below is ‘Livre 2’.

Livre 2

1      1976

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Front Cover

p [1], foreword; p [2], imprint; p [3], photo; p [4], blank; pp 5-74, tunes (74); pp 75-8, biographies; pp [79-80], index.

  • The Author’s Collection.  175mm X 254mm.

There is no title-page. It is entirely in French and thus is the first known book for the Highland bagpipe not to be in English. Below the imprint is ‘Dépõt legal: 4e trimestre (4th quarter) 1976’ and this is the date legal deposit was made. Most countries world-wide have a legal requirement whereby one or more copies of newly published books must be deposited into certain designated libraries. It was reviewed in the Piping Times Vol 29, No 11, August 1977 by A G Kenneth.

The letter ‘t’ in the compiler’s name on the cover has been cut off as has the number after the word ‘livre’ (book). However, in the review referred to in the Piping Times above it is called Book 2.


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