1975-2001 Music for Bagpipes by W M Barrie

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1975 Music for Bagpipes by W M Barrie.
2001 A Lifetime of Compositions by William and Jim Barrie.

This book was located by Cannon and is in the Addendum to his Bibliography (Page 282-3). In 2001 the content of this book was reprinted in A Lifetime of Compositions along with the compositions of his son Jim. This latter book is treated as a new edition.

1      1975

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Front Cover

p [1]. front cover; p [2], dedication; p [3], photograph; p [4], index; p 5-33, tunes (32).

  • The Author’s Collection. 270mm X 215mm. Purchased 1975.

William Barrie moved to New Zealand from Canada with his family in the early 1950s and most of his compositions occurred during that time. He was still living in New Zealand when this book was published.

The writer purchased this book soon after it was published in 1975. It was never reprinted until the book below was published in 2001.

2      2001
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Front Cover

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p [1], title; p 2, Foreword; p 3, About the Composers; p 4, index; pp 5-75, tunes (72); p 76, essay; p 77, family tree; pp 78-87, piobaireachd (4); p [88-9], advertisements.

  • The Author’s Collection. 218mm X 280mm. Purchased 2001.

This book is a collage of tunes composed by Bill (the father) and Jim (the son) and includes all the tunes from edition 1 as well as many of Jim’s tunes. Jim, like his father, composed most of his tunes whilst living in New Zealand and a number of them have found their way into the repertoire of many pipers and pipe bands worldwide. This book was reviewed in the Piping Times Vol 54, No 8. May 2002.

The books in the writer’s collection is been signed by both Bill and Jim.


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