1954 Scots Guards Standard Settings of Pipe Music by The Scots Guards

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Cannon identified five different editions of Volume 1;

Edition 1 1954,
Edition 2 1956,
Edition 3 1957,
Edition 4, 1950, and
Edition 5 1965.

Since then two editions have been identified that differ from anything previously described. There are also editions subsequent to edition 5 but the details of these have not yet been established.

Volume 2 was published after the original Bibliography and is now included in this update.


Volume 1

1      1954

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p [i], title; p [ii], table of contents; p [iii], foreword; p [iv], tune; p [v], preface; pp vi-ix, ‘The origin and history of the Scots Guards pipers’; pp x-xi, ‘A piper’s life in the Scots Guards’; pp xii-xiii, ‘Pipers’ dress and equipment’; pp xiv-xv, succession roll of Pipe-Majors; pp xvii-xxii, index; pp xxiii-xxiv, index of composers; pp 1-18, Part I, regimental tunes 1-22; pp 19-77, Part II, tunes by Scots Guardsmen, 31-72, 111-116, 131-132, 151-155, 166-173; pp 78-148, Part III, marches 181-199, 211-243, 243a, 244-248; pp 149-176, Part IV, strathspeys 281-322; pp 177-213 pp 214-231, Part V, reels 341-377; pp 214-231, part VI, retreats 391-412, including seconds 392a, 397a, 444a, 401a, 403a, 407a, pp 232-249, Part VII, funeral marches 431-432 and slow marches 433-452, including seconds 436a, 442a, 444a, 446a, 449a, 452a; pp 250-267, Part VIII, jigs 471-485; pp 268-269, Part IX, hornpipes 501-502; Part IX, ‘Ceol Mor’ 521; p [275], cartoon reproduced from Punch.

Plates: frontispiece facing p [v]; portraits, four plates preceding p xv.

British Library, London.
Library binding. Pages [iii-iv] have been misbound between pp xxiv and 1.

  • The Author’s Collection. Cover is missing. Donated by Tony Watters, Orewa, August 2010.

A review appeared in the Piping Times, February 1955. The book in the writer’s collection has a paper sticker over the price but it can be clearly seen with a strong light and is 13/6

2  1956

Scots Guards / Standard settings of pipe music / 1954 /

Paterson’s Publications Ltd. / 36 Wigmore Street, London, W.I.
Below title, left: Copyright in all countries. Right: Paper covers 17/6 / bound in cloth 25/- Below imprint: Printed in Great Britain.

pp [i-v], vi-xiii, as 1; pp xiv-xv, succession roll of Pipe-Majors; p [xvi] blank; pp xvii-xxiv, 1-274, [275] as 1, except as noted below.

Plates: frontispiece facing p [ii]; portraits, four plates between pp xiv and xv.

Roderick Cannon’s Collection.*
Purchased 1958. 6.9 x 10.0″. Paper covers.

The main new feature in this edition, as pointed out in the preface, is that six tunes by the late Pipe-Major G. S. MacLennan have been reset in the composer’s original style.

Although the date 1954 still appears on the title-page, this edition appeared in 1956, as stated in edition 5.

3       1957

The third edition appeared in 1957, according to a note on the title-page of edition 5.

4       1960

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pp [i-ii] as II; p [iii], foreword; p [iv], preface; p [v], preface to fourth edition; pp vi-xv, as II; p [xvi], tune; pp xvii-xxiv, indexes as II; pp 1-274, [275], as 2.
Plates: one plate facing p [ii]; portraits, four plates between pp xiv and xv; one plate facing p 274.

Central Public Library, Edinburgh. * Library binding. 6.5 x 9.6″.

  • The Author’s Collection.

The preface draws attention to new settings of ‘The Atholl Highlanders’ and ‘The Meeting of the Waters’, the latter tune in two parts only because of the lack of space.

In edition 5 the date of this one is given as 1960. The foreword is dated January 1960.

The tune on p [xvi] is ‘Colonel C. I. H Dunbar’ which had been printed on p [iv] in editions 1 and 2.

4a     ND

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Contents as in 4.

  • The Author’s Collection.

This book appears to be identical to the one above except for the price on the title-page. The front cover still has the date 1954 and the Foreword is dated January 1960.

5      1966 or later

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pp [i-iii], as II; pp [iv-v], preface to fifth edition; p [vi] blank; pp vii-xiii, ‘The origin and history of Scots Guards pipers and their life in the Regiment today’; pp xiv-xv, as II; p xvi, tune; pp 1-18, Part 1, regimental tunes 1-22; pp 19-85, Part II, tunes composed by Scots Guardsmen, 31-77, 111-116, 131-132, 151-155, 166-174; pp 86-282, Parts III-IX, tunes numbered as in pp 78-274 of II (but see below); pp 283-288, index of tunes; pp 289-290, index of composers.

Plates: frontispiece facing p [i]; portraits, 4 leaves between pp [vi] and vii.

  • The Author’s Collection.

The cloth-bound edition has two fly-leaves at the front and one at the back. 6.8 x 10.0″.

The foreword and preface are both dated February 1965.

The introductory matter has been revised and brought up to date. The new preface incorporates such information from the older prefaces as is relevant to this edition. The tune, ‘Colonel C. 1. H. Dunbar’, now appears in Part II, but a new tune by a Scots Guardsman, i.e. ‘H.R.H. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester’s March’, by Pipe-Major J. S. Roe, appears on p xvi. The other new tunes are all in Part II, although one of them is not by a Scots Guardsman, i.e. ‘The Scots Guards’ Welcome to Toronto’ by Pipe-Major John Wilson. In the remaining sections, some tunes have been reset, with the result that pages 109 and 213 are now blank, for four lines of music stave for the reader’s own use. Tune 403a is omitted.

The book in the present writer’s Collection is dated February 1965 in the Foreword as well as in the Preface to the Fifth Edition. In the Succession Roll of Pipe Majors, the last listed in the 2nd Battalion is Arthur Gelvin and dated 27 August 1966. It may be that this book is a later edition.


Nothing is known of this edition at this time.


Nothing is known of this edition at this time.


Nothing is known of this edition at this time.


Nothing is known of this edition at this time.


Nothing is known of this edition at this time.

11       1995

This edition was seen advertised for sale and was published by Paterson’s Publishers Ltd. When further information is available it will be included here. No doubt there are later editions.


Volume 2

1 1981

Nothing is known of edition 1 at this time other than it is mentioned on the title-page of later editions. An advertisement appeared in the Piping Times Vol 35, No 1, October.

2 1982

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p [i], title-page; p [ii], contents; p [iii], foreword; p [iv], short title; pp [v-vi], preface; pp vi-xi, ‘The Origin and History of Scots Guards Pipers and Their Life in the Regiment Today’; p xii, ‘Succession Roll of Pipe Majors’; p xiii, ‘List of Scots Guards Routine Pipe Calls’; pp 1-71, Part 1, marches (71); pp 72-87, Part II, strathspeys (16); pp 88-103, Part III, reels (19); pp 104-112, Part IV, retreats (9); pp 113-127, Part V, slow marches (20); pp 128-151, Part VI, jigs (23); pp 152-164, Part VII, hornpipes (14); p 165, notes; pp 166-169, Part VIII, ‘Tunes for Highland Dancing’, pp 170-178, dance tunes (6); pp 179-202, Part IX, ceol mor (6); pp 203-4, index of composers and arrangers; pp 205-210, index of tunes.
Plates: frontispiece facing p [iv]; photographs, 2 leaves between pp vi and vii.

  • The Author’s Collection. 175mm x 253mm.

All the tunes in this book are numbered and carry on from those in Volume I and like Volume I, there are gaps in the numbering of each section to allow extra tunes to be added at some later reprinting.

The Succession Roll of Pipe Majors contains only the names of those who held the positions in the two Battalions and the Piping School from 1949 until 1980. For the earlier holders the reader is directed to Volume I.

3       1986

Nothing is known of edition 3 at this time other than it is mentioned on the title-page of edition 4.

4      1992

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p [i], short title; p [ii], title-page; p [iii], table of contents; p [iv], forward and from here on the contents are the same as edition 2.The Author’s Collection.

The contents of this edition are identical to edition 2.


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