Pipers Meeting – Recordings by Jack Taylor and Patrick Molard

Dr. Taylor and Patrick Molard have released recordings a couple of tunes from the collection they have put together, Piper’s Meeting.

Whenever I approach any primary source manuscript, I like to think that I am a caretaker of a precious, delicate gift: the presentation of a tune unheard of for hundreds of years. It is a daunting task: the responsibility one feels for the tradition, and the anticipation of all the opinions one appears to invite by performing.

I think, no matter what our own personal expectations might be about these tunes, that they have been given an airing after such a long time is something that is simply marvelous and admirable.

Here is PS 054 (played by Patrick):  The Comely Tune

And here is the link to PS 053 (played by Jack):  One of the Cragich

We look forward to hearing more! (And I’m pretty sure that if you wish to try recording, they would gladly give it a listen!)


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  1. Very much enjoyed The Comely Tune and had the feeling that Piobaireachd has had a ‘lift’ out of the doldrums. Exciting times!

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