Original Piobaireachd Society Series – Volume 4

By the time Volume 4 hit the shelves, the Society, enough dissatisfaction with the scores had been voiced that the Piobaireachd Society invited professional pipers into its ranks, including John Macdonald of Inverness,  John MacDougall Gillies, and William Ross (Scot Guards).  That this was a simple political ploy, however, is evident not only in internal […]

Original Piobaireachd Society Series – Volume 3

Volume 3 continues the “hit parade” of pibroch as we know it today.  It should be clear that the effort by the Piobaireachd Society to re-introduce “the playing of Piobaireachd not now generally known, or at anyrate [sic] not heard at competitions” was a “successful” one, insofar as the effort at shaping the competition repertoire […]

Original Piobaireachd Society Series – Volume 2

The first volume’s publication was not a hit, by any means.  The competitive pipers rebelled against the requirement that they follow the published scores note-for-note: the living pibroch tradition was not, by any means, accurately captured by Angus MacKay’s printed scores.  In order to meet the strict standard set by the Society, many of the […]

Original Piobaireach Society Series – Volume 1

The first volume begins with a declaration of intent by the newly founded Piobaireachd Society: “To revive the study and play of ‘Ceòl-Mór’ and to record its History.” While clearly nationalistic in origin (“To repeat the deeds that made their forefathers pre-eminent among the soldiers of their time, it is only necessary that they should […]

Original Piobaireachd Society – First Series

From 1904-1913, the newly founded Piobaireachd Society published its first series of piobairechd scores.  Called Co-chruinneachadh Piobaireachd: le comunn na piobaireachd (A Collection of Piobaireacd. Selected and edit by The Piobaireachd Society.), the first volume was originally published by Logan & Co. in Inverness.  Later, volumes 2-5 were published by P Henderson in Glasgow. The […]