The Piping of Patsy Touhey by Pat Mitchell & Jackie Small

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1     1986

ap [i], half title; p [ii], blank; p [iii], title; p [iv], imprint; p v, dedication; p vi, acknowledgements; p vii, preface; p viii, blank; p ix, index; p [x], photograph; pp 1-11,essay; p 12, references; pp 13-14, blank; pp 15-33, The Piping Style of Patsy Touhey; p 34, blank;  pp 35-106, tunes (58); p 107, index; p 108, recordings; p 109, reference/reading list; pp 110-113, appendix.

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This is the only known edition of this book although there may be others.  ISBN 0 9509743 2 3.


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